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Top New Year Marketing Ideas to Kickstart 2022 (+ Pro Tips & Examples)

There's a lot to be done to get ready for your New Year marketing journey, but this is also an exciting opportunity to refresh and restart in all the right ways. Take your engagement to the next level and reach prospects ready to interact with your brand with the helpful tips we have listed below. 

There's no doubt that 2020 put us through a challenge or two. In 2021, not much else changed; everything was well and truly a new hurdle to get over. But we like to think we've learned a lot in that time, including how the marketing world has shifted and adapted to the 'new normal'. For 2022, you can expect that more curveballs are likely coming your way, but they CAN be good ones. You just have to know how to kick-start the process, ramping up your brand's biggest year yet - right!?

In this guide, we cover creative New Year marketing ideas to help you get a head start, come 2022. This is YOUR year and we're going to help you dominate it. So let's kick things off.

Why is 2022 the time to change your online marketing approach?

Well, the landscape has changed a lot. For starters, online sales rose by 49% in 2020, compared to 2019. From there, you can bet your bottom dollar that this activity is only set to increase as the traditional brick and mortar presence continues to transform into all-online operations. Now is the time to ensure you're able to take advantage of this shift by using timely New Year marketing ideas to level up your brand awareness.

Missing the boat could mean you miss out on massive opportunities to reach new target customers, which then leads to missing out on long-term loyalty. In the sections below, we've given you several New Year marketing ideas for your 2022 holiday season campaigns, allowing you to get among this online traction now before it's too late.

New year, new me. Or something like that...


New Year marketing idea #1: Engage your loyal customer base with a timely email

Imagine your target audience sipping on a margarita, saying good riddance to the year that was (again), and then logging onto their mobile email app to see that you've already welcomed them into 2022! While they're busy hustling at their New Year's Eve party, you're already on the 8-ball,, working hard to generate brand awareness and loyalty.

Add to that the fact that 2020 and 2021 had their own plights and hurdles, creating endless stress and uncertainty across the globe. With COVID-19 impacting the way all brands did business for the last 24 months, welcoming in the New Year is almost like turning a new leaf for most of us. What better way to embrace this 'fresh start' than through a wholehearted, transparent message from your brand's heart to your customer base.

Attract customers through email marketing


Image source: Hive

No matter the occasion, this channel continues to increase in popularity with the global email marketing market valued at $7.5 billion in 2020. You can imagine that figure is destined to climb - and quickly. So getting among this activity is sure to keep your brand top-of-mind as soon as 2022 rolls around, especially when you choose to incorporate traditional marketing within it.

If you haven't dabbled in an email campaign just yet, there's never been a better time to incorporate it into your online marketing suite. While there's so much to this ever-evolving field, there's the added advantage that there's more software and platforms you can make use of than ever before. From HubSpot to Mailchimp, Sender, and Sendinblue, there are a plethora of nifty tools your brand can use to start rolling out frequent, engaging communications to your target audience. Of course, starting it with a New Year's theme won't do any harm, either ("New Year's greetings!" ought to do the trick.)


Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty through email marketing

After you've sent your first New Year email across, you're not done yet. By sticking with a constant strategy on this channel (no matter what software you use), you'll end up ticking off all the right boxes to increase brand loyalty.

More than ever before, email marketing offers powerful ways to entice and engage target audiences across the buyer's funnel. From driving more awareness and interest in your product or service to offering value and helpful guides, email marketing should never be overlooked. Make use of 2022's fresh start by including EDMs in your New Year marketing ideas.

Why? Because email marketing drives customer loyalty, and it always has. Even as more digital channels and social platforms rise to prominence, email continues to dominate. In fact, email marketing is known to generate $42 for every $1 spent, on average. Need a more impressive figure? That's equivalent to a massive 4200% in ROI.


New Year marketing idea #2: Launch a new product or promotion

Going hand in hand with your email marketing, launching new products in time for the New Year is a great way to 'refresh' your offering and entice existing/new customers. This also includes offering special or limited-time offers to target this occasion, running exclusive New Year marketing promotions for a set period. You know the ones - those emails that say: "Take advantage of the New Year now with XYZ." You've seen them before.


Image source: Smash it Sports

One of the main reasons why these emails work so well is because it's the time when people are thinking about - and hopefully planning for - their New Year's resolutions. People are ready to make changes in their lives and find better ways to optimize their professional and personal journeys. And they need products/services to fulfill those goals. 

Take advantage of this behavior by creating content or products that embrace their New Year resolutions - as an example. Alternatively, offer a special incentive or discount code to embrace the holiday shopping spirit. Doing so allows you to reach out to new prospects and solidify any that may not have converted in the past. Again, you'll need to use email marketing here to help you. 

Pro tip: Nothing drives urgency quite like embedding a timer on your landing page. As humans, we hate FOMO, so being reminded that we only have a limited time to take advantage of a special offer serves as a nudge in the right direction. This also goes for launching new products specifically for the New Year; you can use a countdown to ramp up hype and awareness around a 2022 exclusive line, for example.


Drive home the benefits of your offering

One of the golden rules of direct response copywriting and any other digital marketing tactic is to relay the benefits of your product/service effectively. Features are great and all, but conveying the many advantages of your offering reminds your audience why they need your solution to make their lives better.

Naturally, anyone looking to purchase something is trying to solve a specific problem, and buying an item or service is a way of doing that. If you remind your prospects of the benefits your product/service carries, you're effectively providing them with countless reminders of how you can eliminate their biggest pain points. This is one of the most powerful factors of marketing overall. 


New Year marketing idea #3: Offer a freebie

Gone are the days of the hard-sell; consumers are savvier than that and throwing any old content out to them won't stick enough to drive impact. Moreover, if you're trying to grow your email list or create more long-term engagement, it's not enough to just ask a prospect to opt in. People are picky about what lands in their inboxes these days, and they're also smart enough to know what's sales-driven and what offers them value.

So how do you solve that problem? You use freebies as part of your New Year marketing ideas. We're talking e-books, templates, whitepapers, guides - anything that provides your target audience with value. And you can further tailor this to their New Year resolutions by offering them an easy way to action their 'fresh start' for the next 365 days - be it professionally or personally. 


Image Source: Fallon travels

Festive freebies like these work so well because they help you overcome the 'freeze-up' that often comes with running a business during the holiday season. So many people go out on adventures and holidays, making marketing even more complex to navigate. Then you return to work and you suddenly need to reel in leads quickly before it's already February. 

Driving traction through this period doesn't have to be so hard though. For example, let's assume you're a financial planner marketing annuity at Christmas time or in the New Year; you might consider creating a high-value, free financial planning guide on this specific topic. From there, you can include this incentive in your emails (using a lead generation, opt-in form) or by sending it to your existing email list as a form of re-engagement for the New Year.

Pro tip: If ebooks aren't your thing, printable work just as well for a New Year marketing idea. You can easily give away a free template that your audience can use to solve a specific problem of theirs in the New Year - like a habit tracker for their New Year's resolution, featuring your own branding on it. 

At the end of the day, choosing to create free products like this might seem like hard work, but it delivers too many benefits to count on one hand, with the major one being increasing your email list. As you accumulate these leads, you're able to effectively drive your communications through a buyer's cycle process, engaging them and nurturing these prospects into becoming loyal customers for the future. And that's always worth the hard yards.


New Year idea marketing #4: Get active on social media

Social media is one of those marketing channels that will always continue to advance and evolve as time goes on. But with these changes comes the complexity of being heard by audiences and landing in front of their eyes when they're most active. 

The reason we stress this is that it's so crucially important to get on both the paid and organic train for social media before it's too late. Using both elements of these channels allows you to hype up your brand awareness, boost sales and generate a bigger presence overall. Moreover, you can use your feeds to tease future events, your new 2022 product line or even big plans in the pipeline for your company. 


Image Source: The Biz

Remember that the New Year is all about including more creative ways to ramp up your marketing mix, and there's almost no better way to do this than through social media marketing. 

Important! Social Media Platform choice matters

When you're choosing to include social media marketing in your New Year marketing ideas, ensure that you use channels that are the most relevant to your end-user. For example, your target audience might be more prone to hovering around LinkedIn for professional, B2B communications, rather than dabbling on Facebook. Maybe this scenario is reversed; no matter what your social media marketing includes, make sure it's relevant and targeted enough to engage your biggest prospects. Nothing is more frustrating than a misaligned strategy.


What's the big deal about social media?

Social media is not just another fad, and it shouldn't just be adopted for the sake of throwing out a message at your New Year's Eve party. It is here to stay and will likely be a part of every marketing campaign you create for the future - or should be. Ultimately, social media is another source of new leads for any type of business and should be prioritized, no matter your industry.

In 2020, businesses were forced to take their traditional operating models online as COVID-19 changed the way the world functioned. In fact, 3.6 billion people were using social media platforms worldwide during this time - a figure that's projected to increase to 4.41 billion by 2025.

Social media marketing is powerful for brands of all walks of life because these channels give people the power to relay a business's story without coming across as a used car salesman. You can also target audiences in more niche ways than ever before - like using Sponsored Posts on Facebook, or running Pinterest ads for native, in-feed engagement.


A simple way to use social media as one of your New Year marketing ideas

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, and more are all perfect vehicles for providing real-time, relevant information to your customers. They're also ideal for letting them provide relevant (and sometimes life-changing) messages to you, too!


Image source: IH Digital

To kick off 2022, create posts that welcome 2022 and incentivize your audience with a special offer. If you're after something basic, even just acknowledging this season and wishing them well can go a long way to creating engagement.


New Year marketing idea #5: Stay up-to-date with the latest market trends

As it stands, 41% of marketers believe their biggest challenge is their inability to track the right data. And that's completely justified - there's more content out there than ever before and users are widespread. 

Making use of market trends and predictions is more prevalent than ever with the pandemic making its mark on the world. In 2021, spending dramatically decreased globally, and industry experts are now predicting a massive holiday season of shopping as a result, making data-tracking even more important. So how can you take advantage of this activity?


Why your brand needs to track trends

It's vital to monitor trends in your market and then shift your strategy to align with them. Trend alerts are super helpful here, creating an easy way to keep up with the hottest topics or shifting behaviors. Even something as basic (and free) as Google Trends can go a  long way here, helping you to identify what's being talked about online and what's driving engagement. From a viral body positive promotion to cat memes - this platform covers it all.

In essence, Google Trends is a great tool for monitoring public conversations about specific keywords. When you search for a phrase on this platform, you'll see a line graph that shows the volume of searches for that keyword over time. You can even compare two or more keywords by selecting them from a drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Obviously, an upward trend line indicates that people are becoming increasingly interested in a given topic over time; this is your chance to create a hard-hitting marketing strategy that dominates this activity. 


Without these insights, your brand lacks the strategy it needs to land engagement with target audiences. The world is all about trends - online and offline - and always has been. Making use of these insights gives you the targeted appeal you need to get ahead of your competition. 


Social media is your best friend 

Monitoring trends doesn't have to be all fancy, either. While Google Trends gives you a great overview and timeline of interest in certain topics, even platforms like TikTok, Pinterest or Facebook will also give you plenty of insight. 

Think about the nature of TikTok, specifically. This video-based, viral platform offers anyone the chance to tap into a trend in real-time. We're talking dance routines (and lots of them), pranks, before and after content, etc. Virtually anything can become a trend on this platform, and it's the reason why it has one billion monthly active users, all a mix of both brands and individuals. 

Keeping up with these trends and activities allows your brand to 'news jack' content when it's most timely. 


Consider technology advancements

Data has largely been driven by technology and access to smart devices. The problem here is that privacy and security changes are constantly under scrutiny, with lots of amendments already rolling out this year alone. 

In 2022, cookie tracking will be removed, making it harder for marketers to glean insights about their target audiences. This is where using other platforms - like social media or Google Trends - will become even more useful. 

Other helpful channels include:

  • Twitter (specifically the 'Trending' tab)

  • Google News

  • Google Analytics 

  • Answer The Public

  • Google Alerts (this is a biggie!)

  • YouTube (Trending)

  • Feedly

  • Competitor analyses for your own niche.


New Year marketing idea #6: Update your Google My Business Profile

While you may already feel like there are so many boxes for you to check off on your New Year marketing checklist, there's one more important one to cover: updating your Google My Business (GMB) profile. 

If you're not sure what this is, GMB is Google's listing for your business that shows up in search results with accurate information about your company. It displays your location, trading hours, contact details, and a list to your website, complete with a reviews tab. So, it only makes sense that this area of your digital marketing is constantly refreshed. 

what is google my business account with profile copy 2 (1)

Image source: Wordstream 

The importance of Google My Business listings

Refreshing your GMB presence cannot be stressed enough, especially when these listings are the lifeblood of your local SEO efforts. Without them, you will struggle to get traffic to your site. With them, you will enjoy all sorts of wonderful benefits such as: 

  • Getting more traffic from Google (as much as 50% more according to some studies)

  • Showing up higher in local search results 

  • Improving your ranking for specific keywords 

  • Making your company more visible on mobile devices 

  • Collecting more reviews which can positively affect your overall rating 

  • Reducing your bounce rate (the percentage of people who visit your website and then leave quickly) 

  • And so much more...! But wait, there's more! Did you know you can actually make money by maintaining a well-designed and well-updated GMB profile? Yep, it's true.

 Not to mention, these listings are also crucial to local SEO, enabling individuals to see your brand when it matters most. 

Okay enough said. Here's how to refresh your GMB listing for 2022: 

  • Upload photos so visitors can see your brand visually. Ensure these images are new and well-lit

  • Respond and answer to all reviews (appropriately)

  • Write a “from the business” description that shows a glimpse of your offering and overall brand.

  • Listing correct contact information - i.e. update your trading hours if they have changed. 


Powering up your 2022 marketing starts here

There's a lot to be done to get ready for your New Year marketing journey, but this is also an exciting opportunity to refresh and restart in all the right ways. Take your engagement to the next level and reach prospects ready to interact with your brand with the helpful tips we have listed above. 

And of course, if you're looking for an even more powerful way to recharge your brand in 2022, our A-Z SEO Guide gives you the low-down on everything you need to know about dominating online search traffic.

Finally, we understand that navigating all of these elements can be tricky stuff, so we offer a free digital audit for all brands looking to charge up their digital marketing. Understand where your current performance exists, how your presence can be revolutionized through certain channels, and how a digital marketing consultant like us can help you get there.

Ready to boost sales? All it takes is an expert by your side and some creative marketing ideas.

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