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growth in YOY organic conversions


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The Challenge

A world-renown cloud storage company partnered with OMG to improve their SEO marketing. Founded more than a decade ago, this company combines their strong IT skills with innovation and creativity to create solutions for individuals and businesses.

This company provides an all-inclusive, easy-to-comprehend file-sharing system that incorporates an in-depth yet trouble-free user experience. They differentiate from industry competitors through their combination of thorough expertise whilst maintaining a sound level of usability.  

Reaching out to the Gurus, this company aimed to increase their organic traffic and conversions in the ever-competitive US file-sharing market. Through our free audit (worth $2,000), the Gurus were able to uncover opportunities within the market that this company could capitalize on to improve their organic growth.

Key problems

  • An ultra-competitive industry that’s difficult to breakthrough
  • Struggled to align content to relevant search queries
  • Lack of keyword research leading to low SERP rankings
Case study date 1/24/22 2:59 PM

Our Approach.

Our aim was to help this company identify how important SEO is in their quest to increase rankings, traffic and revenue within the industry. Over our 12 month partnership with the firm, the Gurus aimed to highlight the competitive advantage this firm had, in order to differentiate from the rest of the competition, thus enabling them to have a foothold in the market.

  • Strengthening organic presence by improving site performance
  • Hyper-focused strategy on relevant keywords and search queries
  • Data-driven SEO strategy to climb the SERP rankings
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Breaking down a winning strategy


Lasering in on profitable keywords and optimizing content for improved SERP rankings

To compete in a tight-knit, fierce industry, focusing on the most relevant keywords is a great way of giving you that edge against the competition.

With this in mind, our SEO Gurus set off to elevate this firm’s SERP rankings by targeting the keywords that were frequently searched for. Despite low search volumes, it was still critical that we rank as high as possible to help this company reach their goals,

What did we help them achieve in 12 months? We were able to assist the cloud-storage solution company in gaining a top 3 position for keywords such as “send files”, “transfer files” and “transfer large files”, which supercharged their organic traffic.


Onsite optimization to scale web pages for SEO success

Onsite optimization requires the constant refinement of content on webpages in order to align them with relevant key search terms. Through our wealth of expertise and knowledge, we identified the need to revamp every webpage to ensure each page was contributing to the company’s overall SEO goals.

OMG was able to engineer the website to provide value to potential businesses. How so? By creating content that added value and resonated with their audience. Refining content is key in any SEO strategy, which is why the SEO Gurus went to great lengths to ensure content was consistent, informative and yielded organic conversions.

The results? We helped increase indexed keywords on the website by 156% and increased keywords ranked on page 1 by 119%.

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