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The Challenge

Custom Truck is one of the largest providers of commercial trucks and equipment in the United States. With locations all over the US, this company is the first true single-source provider of all specialized truck and heavy equipment solutions. 

Founded in 1998, the company prides itself on their skill level, speed and ingenuity whilst providing a level of service that is unparalleled within the industry. With their vast range of expertise and equipment solutions on offer, Custom Truck wanted to build upon being the one-stop-shop provider to meet the ever changing needs of the industries they serve.

Reaching out to Online Marketing Gurus in January 2021, this company was on a quest to dominate keyword rankings across the US and increase organic traffic. And so, a partnership was formed to improve Custom Truck’s SEO marketing.

The aim? To drive organic traffic and strengthen this company’s online presence. With this in mind, both parties embarked on an SEO journey in search of newfound success.

Key problems

  • Several category pages contained a low word count
  • Pages were not optimized for a wide range of keywords
  • Content was not targeted towards common industry search terms
Case study date 1/24/22 2:15 PM

Our Approach.

SEO is crucial for any business in today’s landscape, and this is especially true in competitive niches like specialized truck and heavy equipment solutions. Custom Truck already has a great geographic presence within the US, but it was their online content, performance and ultimately presence letting them down. This is where we stepped in to make their aspirations a reality.

  • Content growth plan for generic service pages
  • FAQ expansion in order to implement FAQ Schema
  • Targeted link acquisition strategy
  • Comprehensive keyword and opportunity analysis
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Breaking down a winning strategy


Matching physical presence with domain authority.

With over 35 locations across the US, it was determined that the online presence is what was lacking, if Custom Truck wanted to become a market leader. As such, we set off to match the physical presence with domain authority. This is where we highlighted the gravity of having an SEO strategy in place.

The first plan of attack to put into action was a content growth plan, which allowed us to align Custom Truck’s webpages with the most relevant and profitable keywords consumers were searching for. Making webpages more relevant toward search queries was the first step in this SEO strategy.

Secondly, we implemented an FAQ expansion plan so Custom Trucks could capitalize on FAQ schema in SERPs. Having solutions for the most frequently researched questions by consumers was critical in growing organic traffic and conversions.

In total, the Gurus were able to help Custom Trucks supercharge their online presence within a highly competitive vertical, increasing their domain authority by 19%, which led to a 60% overall growth in gaining ‘Top 3’ positions in keyword reach organically.


Hyper-targeted keyword and link-building strategy

With a strengthened content strategy, Custom Trucks needed to now spread their expertise out into the industry. By doing so, their information can become more credible and reliable and as such, can increase a company’s organic search rankings.

A link-building strategy was necessary to catapult organic search rankings and achieve the organic search traffic uplifts they were looking for.

Through our free audit (worth $2,000), the Gurus were able to uncover what the average consumer was searching, and align the relevant content to such search queries. As such, Custom Truck saw increases in organic visits (+97%) and organic conversions (43%) within one year of working with OMG.


Keyword wins for key service pages

Through onboarding, we found that several of the site’s category pages contained a low word count and were not optimized for a wide range of keywords.

We got to work and created keyword-rich content optimized for their homepage and several category pages. This allowed us to target a broader range of keywords, whilst providing various internal linking opportunities.

The results? The SEO Gurus were able to help this company rank 1 for “bucket trucks” (which has 14,800 average monthly searches), rank 1 for “bucket truck rentals” (6,600 average monthly searches) and rank 2 for “dump trucks” (74,000 average monthly searches).

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