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How A Global Education Consultancy Grew Organic Traffic By 890%


890% growth

in YoY organic traffic

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10:1 ROI

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The Challenge

A world-leading university admission consulting firm partnered with OMG on their SEO. Founded more than a decade ago, the vision for this firm was to enable aspiring students across the world to reach their full potential from high school to tertiary education. 

Eager to help future generations of students excel further in their careers, this firm was primarily looking for more organic traffic on their website. However, one of their main issues was how they managed their event and goal tracking, which was in desperate need of a revamp. This is where OMG began to help.

Needing to step into the shoes of their target demographic across several countries, the Gurus were able to uncover key roadblocks and identify the strongest growth opportunities. Based on our comprehensive audit, we set our goals towards an initial three-month ad campaign which paved the way for greener pastures for this firm.

Key problems

  • A competitive industry that's rapidly growing
  • Needing stronger website authority for higher rankings
  • Completed tech stack made things difficult to interpret
  • A gap in technical knowledge which called for specialist expertise
Case study date 1/11/22 9:00 AM

Our Approach.

Clarifying and understanding the effect that SEO and a well-integrated paid strategy can have on website traffic was critical in moving forward with this firm. They knew they needed to increase their online presence and website authority to compete with industry giants. Our Gurus aimed at constructing a plan to redesign the event and goal tracking with the intention of getting a grasp on how content was absorbed across all mediums. 

  • Conversion tracking revamp to effectively evaluate consumption of content
  • Development of SEO campaign, aimed at improving site performance, ultimately strengthening organic presence
  • Strengthening paid strategy to drive conversions, and reduce cost per conversion
  • Determining the most relevant keyword phrases and queries based on intent to drive more organic traffic and leads
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Breaking down a winning strategy


Strengthening the online presence

Wanting to increase organic traffic, this world-leading admission consultancy firm turned to us to help. What they were missing was a strong online presence to gain the quality leads they were after. The key driver was better understanding the intent behind the Google search results of the target demographic in developing a hyper-targeted SEO strategy.

OMG uncovered the most profitable keywords that were relevant to this firms intention and strategy. Ranking for key search phrases like “best high school in the world”, “jobs for the future” and many more relevant phrases, our Gurus were able to optimize this firm’s visibility and online presence to help them acquire the quality leads they sought.


Driving website performance

Technical SEO and onsite optimization was key in leveling up website performance ensuring every webpage, blog and anything in between was doing its job effectively. Our free digital audit (worth $2000) was able to uncover the issues that needed fixing, giving us a starting point on the road to success.

Our team of Gurus bring a tonne of knowledge and digital marketing experience, working with a wide range of companies big or small, we’re never behind on the latest trends and technical best practices.

Our Gurus orchestrated a plan to revamp their event and goal tracking, to ultimately see how the content was being digested not just from an SEO perspective, but across all sources (e.g. Google, Bing, Facebook) and mediums (e.g. Organic, Paid).

The result? More conversions, better quality leads and most importantly, a stronger performing website.


Integrated SEO & SEM

Team work makes the dream work, right? No difference here with SEO and Google Ads. Our Gurus went through rigorous testing and optimization to formulate campaigns that command the highest position on Google’s search results and deliver the conversions.

Looking beyond the traditional keywords in the industry, we had to step into the mind of a high school student across many geographical regions. Comprehensive research coupled with ongoing refinements ensured not only more conversions but a healthy and steady cost per acquisition.

From this, we combined the power of SEO to make this firm’s content relevant to the search queries. As such, this consultancy firm was able to catapult their organic clicks and exponentially increase their organic traffic.

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