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Natural Beauty Brand

How an Iconic Natural Beauty Brand Grew Keyword Rankings by 370%



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for ‘natural foundation’, ‘organic face mask’

The Challenge

A leading US beauty company (NDA) partnered up with Online Marketing Gurus to grow their online presence and website authority within the beauty industry. Using only the most natural and healthiest of ingredients, this firm wanted to educate consumers on the benefits of using the most organic and nourishing products available on the market. 

Striving to be environmentally sustainable and to improve the overall health and wellbeing of their target demographic, this company strived to be an enterprise market leader, wanting to 

increase their website authority with the aim to improve their organic positioning on Google’s search results. This is where they needed the Gurus guidance.

Over the course of a 2.5 year campaign, OMG engineered an evidence-based SEO strategy that catapulted their rankings to new heights. Our Gurus were able to highlight the opportunity and potential this company had in achieving their goal in an improved organic search result position to ultimately become a big market player.

Key problems

  • Lacking strong website authority
  • A very competitive market with multiple industry giants
  • Re-educating the target market on the importance of organic products
  • Super powering their Shopify website
Case study date 1/17/22 2:20 PM

Our Approach.

Trying to establish a successful eCommerce business in a competitive industry was a considerable challenge. OMG needed to highlight this company’s niche, how they differentiated from the rest of the competition to establish a foothold in the industry. So the Gurus devised a plan to strengthen the organic search rankings of this company in order to increase website authority and gain some market share in the saturated industry.

  • Lasering in on relevant keywords based on target demographic and search intent
  • Data-driven process to increase organic rankings, traffic and conversions continually
beauty-brand-us (1)

Breaking down a winning strategy


Scaling authority, awareness, and acquisition through a competitive organic strategy

In such a saturated market, it was vital we were able to help this company achieve authority within the industry. Combining technical SEO and onsite optimization, our Gurus needed to ensure every webpage across the site was contributing to gaining a foothold amongst the competition.

OMG revamped and revitalised key content to add relevance and credibility to their name, allowing them to accelerate performance and overall business growth. The Gurus were able to catapult the company’s page 1 rankings on popular industry terms including ‘natural foundation’, ‘organic face mask’, ‘organic eye cream’, ‘organic body scrub’, ‘pure retinol’, ‘caffeine eye cream’, and ‘organic toner’ to name a few.


Laser in on link-building opportunities to supercharge Google rankings

Under the umbrella of establishing authority within a hyper-competitive industry, this company needed to show that their brand was reliable, credible and relevant within Google’s search results. This meant that our Gurus needed to capitalize on link-building opportunities to propel key rankings.

Engaging in a link-building strategy, the company aimed at having a presence amongst the saturation of beauty information and products. Targeted, authoritative, link building at scale is a necessary and challenging component of any strategy - which is why this brand leaned on OMG’s capabilities.

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