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How a Facility Management Educator Was Able To Increase Organic Visits by 510% YoY



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The Challenge

Located in Minneapolis, Professional Faculty Management Institute (ProFM Credential) is a partnership between National Facilities Management & Technology (NFMT) and the Holmes Corporation. They’re committed to elevating the facility management industry and serving its professionals around the world. Formed in 2017, ProFM is guided by a voluntary group of industry thought leaders, representing the diversity within facility management. 

With the goal of elevating the FM profession and advancing the careers of industry professionals around the world, ProFM offers the latest in facility management education with programs designed for anyone from early career FM roles to senior FM professionals. 

In line with the company’s goal of expanding the industry knowledge within the community, ProFM reached out to Online Marketing Gurus in December 2020. Our Gurus recommended an SEO and PPC strategy that specifically aimed at lead generation to make the FM educator’s dream a reality.

Key problems

  • Missing onpage SEO opportunities including truncated title tags and meta descriptions
  • Keyword targeting best practice was not being utilized to full effect
  • Technical gaps including URLs missing from the sitemap
  • Content opportunity gap via FAQs
Case study date 4/12/22 11:23 AM

Our Approach.

Prior to partnering with OMG, we discovered several crucial technical issues across the site. This included poor site performance and indexability issues due to live URLs not being found in their sitemap and several 301 URLs populated within their sitemap. As such, we tightened their technical SEO issues, introduced a targeted link acquisition strategy and developed their category pages to include FAQ content.

  • FAQ expansion in order to implement FAQ Schema
  • Creation and configuration of analytic goals and implementation of goal events onto the site
  • Metadata optimization on key category and subcategory pages
  • Keyword targeting restructure

Breaking down a winning strategy


FAQ content strategy overhaul to retarget relevant keywords

As mentioned above, ProFM wanted to spread the word on everything facilities management, and as such, Online Marketing Gurus looked at an on-page SEO approach. Our SEO Gurus aimed to optimize key category pages by including FAQ content in a keyword targeting overhaul.

By looking at popular keywords and search queries within the vertical, our Content team wanted to bridge the content gap, thereby creating a better on-page user experience for visitors. Alongside a homepage FAQ refresh, OMG further targeted key industry search terms like “credential programs”, “facility management course”, “benefits of credentials” and many more to hone in content on the relevant category pages.

In particular, our comprehensive audit (worth $2,000) identified what pages could deal with a refresh. As a result, our SEO Gurus looked at updating the following pages: ‘benefits’, ‘course materials’, ‘steps to earn’ and ‘Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act’ (FBPTA).

Through our FAQ content optimization strategy, we achieved and exceeded our 6 month goal of a 25% increase in organic traffic. Additionally, this has contributed to an increase in conversion paths as 8 different conversion paths were a result of organic search, highlighting how multiple channels can help drive conversions.


The Technical SEO war - the trilogy

Technical SEO strategies focus on the behind-the-scenes of a website. Also known as off-page optimization, there’s a wealth of technical SEO strategies one can implement when looking to increase SERP rankings. Strategies like metadata optimization, site speed, sitemap correcting are all factors that influence the user experience and therefore, influence your rankings.

Our technical SEO story begins with optimizing ProFM’s metadata. Upon our onboarding process, we uncovered that the site contained a large number of title tags and meta descriptions that were too long for Google’s search engine. This would result in the text being truncated, or cut off, which can negatively impact click through rates. As such, OMG updated these title tags and meta descriptions, focusing on concise copy that targeted the appropriate keywords.

Unfortunately, the technical SEO beast was not yet slain, as the next challenge in our quest was to address the slow site speed. No one likes to wait, even more so for websites to load a page. As best practice is to have loading time take less than 4 secs, our Gurus looked to the source of the problem, which was the unminification and uncaching of javascript and CSS files. With ProFM granting us access to their CMS, we were able to correctly optimize the page’s code to decrease page load time.

Our initial audit uncovered one last piece of the puzzle, the sitemap. A sitemap is comparable to a spider’s web, with each part of the web representing a page being linked to one another. This is crucial because what’s on your sitemap is what Google deems to be a page on your website and having incomplete pages included or vice-versa, complete pages not included, can affect the overall user experience. Our Gurus solved this by updating and populating the appropriate webpages to the XML sitemap and resubmitting it to Google Search Console for rectification.

Were our efforts worth it? We were able to increase the facility management educator’s click through rate by 58% whilst increasing organic visits by 510% since December 2020.


Configuration of conversion tracking to measure success effectively

When deciding to engage in a lead generation strategy, tracking success is as important as your strategy. Ultimately, you can’t improve what you can’t measure. Wanting to meet ProFM’s goal of expanding facility management knowledge, OMG needed to ensure the company was targeting the right demographic.

Our PPC Gurus, looked at targeting industry professionals (both male and female) aged between 20-65, on desktop, mobile and tablet to maximise conversion potential with ProFM’s paid advertising strategy. Conversion tracking was revamped to include phone and email clicks, form submissions and online purchases to effectively measure conversions and therefore success.

Since implementing conversion tracking from April 2021, we’ve seen massive wins in our PPC strategy. We saw a 200% increase in PPC conversions month on month, thereby increasing our PPC conversion rate by 55% and decreasing CPA by 90%.

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