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The Challenge

Viasox is a sock manufacturing company, based in North America dedicated to developing sock wear to improve the quality of life for people living with diabetes. With a wide range of color and sizing options, this company aimed at subverting the stereotypical role and design of all things socks.

Their unique solution offers comfortable, breathable pairs of socks to match anyone’s style with the main benefits being the removal of toe irritation, the promotion of healthy blood flow whilst letting your skin breathe in a comfortable pair of socks. 

In June 2021, Viasox reached out to Online Marketing Gurus, wanting to implement a complete SEO marketing strategy that involved a content refresh, link-building and a keyword overhaul.

The goal? To grow organic visibility, traffic and sales within their niche industry. This would require competing for the most relevant and profitable keywords.

Key problems

  • Lack of informative content on the health benefits of diabetic socks
  • Low keyword counts on key website pages
  • Existing content wasn’t matching with user-search behavior
Case study date 2/10/22 2:37 PM

Our Approach.

Encompassing a wide range of strategies was crucial in this SEO strategy. Viasox already had a unique selling proposition in their diabetic socks, but lacked the content and keyword targeting to be visible on the search engine results pages (SERPs). With this in mind, the SEO Gurus stepped in to help re-educate the target demographic on the health benefits of diabetic socks.

  • Introduced new category pages based on user-search intention
  • Incorporated TOF related blogs and supporting content for link-building benefits
  • Optimized product descriptions to rank for relevant keywords
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Breaking down a winning strategy


Honing in and aligning content with user intent

The main goal in any SEO strategy is to increase the quality and quantity of organic traffic. Implementing an integrated SEO strategy, the company aimed to increase their domain authority to achieve their organic goals.

Knowing what Viasox wanted, our Gurus began investigating how we could make their dream a reality. Through our audit (worth $2,000), the SEO Gurus uncovered an opportunity to better content and user-search behaviors. Research showed that color specific sock search enquiries were among the most frequently searched keywords and queries.

Tackling the problem head-on, Online Marketing Gurus planned on optimizing Viasox’s product descriptions for popular sock colors, such as black, white and gray. This allowed content to become more aligned with popular queries and as such become more visible to searchers.


Super powering content and SEO

To spread awareness about the health benefits of wearing diabetic socks, Viasox needed to firstly increase the amount of informative content, and secondly improve the quality of content through credibility.

Our free audit (valued at $2,000) identified the lack of supportive, informative content surrounding diabetic socks and therefore, a lack of links back to key category pages. As such, this was a main priority during the partnership.

Here at OMG, we use evidence, not opinions when orchestrating any integrated marketing strategy. Evidence suggested that we introduce a large amount of top of funnel (TOF) related blogs and supporting content to internally link back to key categories and sock colors, and so we did just that.

The results were out of this world! We were able to help Viasox achieve an increase of 4,533% in organic non-branded clicks, which additionally improved organic visits by 3,511%.


Comprehensive keyword strategy

In niche industries, some of the most profitable and competitive keywords may not always deliver the highest search volume. Therefore, any holistic SEO strategy will encompass targeting a mix of broad and high volume keywords, with high intent and low volume phrases.

By doing our keyword research, Viasox were able to increase their overall keyword reach by 119%, while increasing the number of keywords in the Top 10 positions by 120%. In particular, rank 1 for “diabatic socks for sale”, rank 3 for “buy diabetic socks online” and rank 4 for “colorful diabetic socks”.

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