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How to give OMG access to TikTok Ads

Please log in to your TikTok Business Center account and provide us with your Ad Account ID and existing TikTok Business Center ID so we can request access.

You can find the Ad Account ID under Assets -> Advertiser accounts. Account ID will show on the right-hand column.

TikTok Ad ID

You can find the TikTok Business Center ID under Business Settings -> Settings. The ID will show under Business Center information.

TikTok Business Center ID

If you don’t have a TikTok Business Center yet, please contact us. We can help you set it up. There are just a few details that TikTok requires in order to create an Ad account with all the features.

  • ABN #
  • Registered Trading Name
  • Registered Business Address
  • Authorised Signatory Name 
  • Authorised Signatory Email
  • Estimated monthly spend / campaign start date