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Increase in Organic Conversions
Increase in Total Website Revenue
Organic Monthly Revenue
1K to 6K
Monthly Organic Site Visits

The Challenge

Key Problems

Looking to differentiate themselves in the competitive online baby product market
Low search engine visibility for core product pages
Had an array of low hanging fruit opportunities
Unorganised site structure impacting rankings and user experience
Bespoke Baby Case Study

Australian eCommerce store, Bespoke Baby, offers premium baby gifts, nappy cakes, baby toys, essential Mum and newborn baby items. Looking to grow SEO traffic sustainably and generate more sales from search, they needed a comprehensive strategy that would grow their online presence and ultimately win them more loyal customers.

SEO puts you in the right place, at the right time. OMG partnered with Bespoke Baby to create an evidence-based SEO campaign to get in front of shoppers with improved Google rankings and visibility.

Want your Shopify store to rank higher in search results? The Gurus set to work on creating a highly optimized Shopify website for Bespoke Baby that would win floods of new customers and purchases. Balancing short-term wins and long-term gains, we built an SEO and content marketing strategy with our client’s business goals to skyrocket success.

It was critical to optimize site and page structure, target the right keywords, boost on-page factors, and create unique content to add value shoppers, encourage sharing and build their Shopify SEO.

The result? A huge growth spurt. Within 9 months, we were able to increase organic monthly search revenue by over 5000% – and the future looks promising.

Our Approach

SEO success begins with a deep understanding of a client’s website, competitors, and industry. That’s why when Bespoke Baby partnered with OMG, we got to work right away with conducting a Digital Audit, leaving no stone unturned. The Gurus uncovered the low hanging fruit (quick wins), along with all the technical and on-page SEO elements to catalyse sustainable growth. We then created an SEO strategy to take their online presence a leap ahead of their rivals.


Technical SEO to optimize a high-potential, high-value categories and products


On-page SEO and content to accelerate rankings, targeted traffic, user experience, and more organic conversions


Data-driven market and keyword research to unearth the most useful and profitable short to longtail keyword opportunities and gaps

Strategy & Execution

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