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185 keywords
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14:1 ROI
Increase in ROI from SEO
Increase in organic traffic

The Challenge

Key Problems

Increase search engine visibility in a crowded market place
Competitive retail gifting industry
Looking to increase sales by building competitive advantage
Highlight unique aspects of the business to gain consistent traffic and leads
Chocolab Case Study

Australian online retailer, Chocolab offers personalised, gourmet chocolate which is perfect for gifting. Using only the finest Belgian Chocolate, the chocolatier is now well-known for being the master of providing the ultimate chocolate experience. For the undecided or the perfect chocolate-indulgent gift, Chocolab positions themselves as a premium quality experience.

For those who prefer retro chocolate bars, there’s an abundance of everyday assortments which offer a variety of old-school classic flavors like Reese’s peanut butter, rocky road, and mint chocolate. But, there’s a reason why Chocolab is the leading gourmet online chocolate shop, and you’ll see why when browsing their website. Their professional chocolatiers will also hand-craft unique, personalised chocolate bars to your taste and preferences.

In a competitive retailing market, only those who craft truly specialised merchandise will find loyal customers and truly stand out.

To continue their upward growth, Chocolab decided to partner with OMG.

Our digital consultants formulated a comprehensive SEO solution for delivering a strategic approach that brought their customers back time and time again. They were ranking in the top 3 spots for 185 competitive keywords. Plus, they were seeing 60% uplifts in organic traffic, along with over a 14:1 return on investment purely from SEO.

Chocolab is now the chosen sweet paradise of personalised chocolate gifts – even though they’re up against a wide range of established direct competitors.

Our Approach


Comprehensive market research strategy to find and rank for competitive keywords


Full technical SEO to skyrocket website visibility


Content optimisation - the provision of useful, high quality, and relevant content to capture new leads


Strategic link building, surfacing links of all critical pages to boost website authority and improve SEO ranking

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