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increase in organic
increase in organic
Top 2
rankings for competitive 'breast augmentation' keywords

The Challenge

Key Problems

Google penalty damaging their online visibility.
Low rankings delivering low traffic and minimal conversions.
Need online presence to match authoritative offline reputation.
Dr Eddy Dona Plastic Surgeon Case Study

Dr Eddy Dona is one of the most exceptional and in-demand plastic surgeons in Australia. As a Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, his mission focuses on the understanding and enhancement of human beauty. Clients trust his expert care, proven results and extensive experience.

After years in the industry, Dr Eddy Dona experienced a Google penalty that annihilated their organic results and pushed their website to pages 10 and beyond. That’s why Dr Dona partnered with OMG.

Our expert team resurrected their website from the back pages of Google and helped them reach the top of rankings. A comprehensive and customised SEO strategy delivered real revenue impact over 4 years (and counting!) of our partnership. Our strategic approach and ongoing optimisation delivered the highest quality reputation management and authority building online.

And the results speak for themselves. 75% more organic traffic. 75% more organic conversions. Top rankings for the most competitive industry keywords. And it just keeps getting better.

Our Approach

In one of the most competitive industries, making digital impact called for the right strategy. OMG delivered a comprehensive plan for SEO and reputation management. Our first priority? Removing the Google Penalty that was crushing their organic results and damaging their reputation. Our expert Gurus then optimized their website from top to toe — delivering a high performing, lead generating machine. This meant Dr Dona could attract and connect with more of his ideal clients.


Reputation management measures to remove Google Penalty.


Comprehensive keyword research to align website with online opportunity.


High quality link building to boost website authority and search engine visibility.

Strategy & Execution

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