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Increase in 1st Page Keyword Rankings YoY
Increase in Organic Traffic YoY
Increase in Domain Authority YoY
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The Challenge

Key Problems

Category and sub-category pages were in need of quality content to help target related keywords
No Google analytics tracking was implemented on the site
Google My Business was not optimised
Site navigation required a restructure

Referred to as the gold standard of reading instruction and remediation, The Orton-Gillingham Approach is a highly structured way to teach reading, spelling, and writing to all students, specifically those with dyslexia. Developed by Dr. Samuel Orton, Anna Gillingham, and Bessy Stillman, the core focus of this proven approach is to teach reading and spelling in a logical, systemic, multisensory, and sequential way that meets the unique needs of the individual learner.

In October 2020, Edwards OG reached out to Online Marketing Gurus wanting to increase traffic coming to their site by increasing their organic visibility. As such, OMG engineered an SEO strategy that targeted high-quality link building, fixing technical faults and content creation aiming to maximize visibility within their industry and increase sales. The goals for this campaign were to increase keyword rankings on the first page of Google, increase organic traffic to the site monthly and increase organic conversions period on period.

Upon onboarding Edwards OG as a client, our SEO Gurus uncovered numerous opportunities that the client could capitalize on to improve their organic results. The main avenues of opportunity looked at a site restructure combined with content creation on category and subcategory pages to increase site quality, high-quality link building initiatives and rectifying key technical faults. From this approach, in 2022 we were able to secure some awesome organic results.

Strategy & Execution

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