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Increase in YOY traffic
Increase in keywords indexed
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The Challenge

Key Problems

Oversaturated vegan market meaning tough to stand out and harder to rank.
Looking to differentiate themselves in a market ripe for innovation.
Wanting to increase online traffic leading to purchases.
Flora and Fauna Case Study

Flora and Fauna is an iconic cruelty-free and vegan shop that helps customers make conscientious product choices. First established in 2014, they’ve since flourished to stay at the forefront of the cruelty-free movement. Even after all these years, their mission is simple: “to offer everyone better choices”. Their product range offers a plethora of vegan goods from makeup and skincare to clothing and food.

While they have a huge range with over 5500 products, and 240+ brands, online plant-based retailers are gaining particular prominence, with an array of vegan products posing significant sales growth. This means Flora and Fauna have been tacked with the challenge of competing in such a saturated market. With the rise of more vegan retailers, the need for evolving digital to stay ahead was key!

Therefore, it was critical for them to better understand what they needed to prioritize in order to boost – or more likely recapture – retention.

After leveraging their locale in marketing tactics, they decided to partner with OMG. Within 7 months, we were able to increase organic search revenue by over 300% – and the future looks promising.

Our Approach

Competition fuels innovation, and standing out amongst the crowd means beating your competition. The make or break moment behind digital marketing success is the implementation of a thorough and comprehensive SEO strategy. After all, how can you ensure that your customers will be able to find your business when they need to?

Laser focused SEO strategies are the key to standing out amongst your competitors online.


Auditing the site to establish a baseline SEO strategy engineered for market success.


Keyword analysis based on relevance, demand, and competition.


Fully optimized on page SEO through the implementation of website content.


Strategic tracking to monitor the success of all SEO efforts.

Strategy & Execution

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