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Increase in organic traffic YOY even in the 5th year
Growth in organic
revenue YOY
keywords ranking,
up from 640
growth in
organic conversions

The Challenge

Key Problems

Tough competitors in a booming industry made it challenging to stand out
Being outranked by competitors for key search terms, such as "home design"
Website not attracting enough enquiries, meaning more effort and money on paid channels
inOne Projects Case Study

inOne Projects is a full service design, project management and construction company specialising in innovative space solutions. For years, they’ve delighted their commercial clients with office fit outs and refurbishments that make life easier.

Ready to establish their business as the market leader, they needed their digital presence to drive real-revenue results. That’s where OMG came into the picture!

inOne Projects partnered with OMG to optimize their website to reach the top of rankings. With organic traffic flowing in, their online presence began driving new enquiries and winning them clients.

And the results just keep getting better. After 5 years, they’re still seeing consistently improving SEO traction, meaning the new customers just keep finding them. This is to the point, they no longer need to invest in Adwords to keep their sales engine running at top speed.

Our Approach

inOne Projects became the market leader in office fit outs and refurbishment, with the help of digital marketing that works. OMG optimized the website to ensure every page was reaching the top of rankings and attracting new clients.


Website and content restructuring for optimal performance and a streamlined experience


Boosting website authority with targeted and high quality backlinks


Improving search engine visibility and conversions through proven SEO strategies

Strategy & Execution

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