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ROI achieved from SEO
Growth in organic revenue YOY
Growth in organic traffic YOY

The Challenge

Key Problems

Fast changing digital landscape
Need to grow website authority for higher rankings
Big industry competitors growing fast
Technical gap calling for specialist expertise

A leading online pharmacy partnered with OMG on SEO. Having been established nearly 20 years ago, this company had grown a trusted reputation with a customer base across 40 countries. Customers keep coming back because of their decades experience and commitment to customer privacy.

With a rapidly changing digital landscape, this company were looking for continual growth. However, they were experiencing a crucial need for technical SEO and structural website support. That’s where OMG came into the picture.

Our Gurus engineered a comprehensive SEO strategy to produce real revenue results. After 18 months, the proof is in the pudding. 20% more organic traffic. 30% more organic revenue. 105:1 ROI achieved from SEO. That’s a phenomenal return from every dollar spent.

Strategy & Execution

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