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increase in organic keyword reach in
6 months
increase in
organic traffic
increase in organic
clicks on SERPS
for ‘data center

The Challenge

Key Problems

Ultra competitive market due to niche industry conditions
Outdated content in need of a refresh
Website not fully optimized for SEO and PPC campaign strategy
Macquarie Data Centres Case Study

Located in North Sydney, Macquarie Data Centres is one of the world’s most certified data centers globally. Delivering data center solutions for nearly 20 years, this company wanted to grow their organic traffic in a competitive and niche industry.

The Australian-based data center reached out to OMG to help through a multichannel campaign.

As their website was lacking visibility online, our Gurus embarked on a journey to revamp the company’s keyword strategy, bolster the quality and quantity of page content, and strengthen their domain authority. In doing so, the aim was to make the brand more visible within the industry in order to generate traffic, leads and more.

With the wealth of knowledge and experience at their fingertips, the Online Marketing Gurus constructed an SEO and PPC strategy that involved optimizing website content, creating and implementing industry specific audiences for keywords and building out custom PPC campaigns to optimize for location-specific keywords.

The results? From launching new SEO-optimised website pages, implementing timely technical fixes, and increasing their domain rating by 19%, the Gurus delivered a range of strategies that ultimately boosted organic impressions by 133%.

Strategy & Execution

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