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Target keywords ranked on Google
Overall lead growth in just 12 months
Lower CPC from PPC optimisations
185% YoY
Increase in sessions from search traffic

The Challenge

Key Problems

Want to grow sales with an integrated paid advertising and organic search approach.
Website not attracting enough enquiries, which meant they could not achieve the phenomenal results they wanted.
Being outranked and outbidded by competitors, which meant missing out on a number of significant search opportunities that could result in sales and leads.
Incomplete tracking and goal set up, which meant they couldn’t accurately understand how their website and campaigns were performing.
Moving Containers Case Study

Established in 2009, Moving Containers maintains their reputation as an industry leader in moving containers and commercial freight solutions. As a 100% Australian owned company with 21 locations across the country, they work with major event transport and logistics companies including Super Sprints Events, Openair Cinemas, Miss Muddy and Sold Out National Event Management.

Specialising in customised solutions for customers wanting anything from a nationwide roadshow or a family looking to transport belongings interstate via a single shipping container, Moving Containers bring their clients value and customer service at competitive prices.

Yet, even when you’re a top performer in your industry, it can be difficult to make it in the digital realm. Yielding consistent and fast search traffic and quality leads doesn’t happen overnight without the right expertise and strategy. This is the very reason why Moving Containers teamed up with Online Marketing Gurus on a comprehensive PPC and SEO campaign for top placement for targeted search terms. This integrated approach provided us with the opportunity to engineer a successful lead generation campaign to grow the business.

By targeting the right customers, at the right time, we were able to increase organic visibility, improve clicks and lead growth with ads, and drive both short and long term success.

Operating in a competitive freight and transport industry, however, meant that Moving Containers needed to attract more enquiries on their website. Our Gurus were able to help them drive consistent enquiries, conversions, and create an uplift in brand presence.

Since engaging with us in 2020, the results we have achieved for them are incredible.

Our Approach

Looking for the best approach to generate leads and sales? An integrated, multichannel search strategy can deliver clicks, customers and revenue growth, time and time again. For Moving Containers, the OMG team engineered an SEO and PPC strategy uniquely crafted to smashing their business goals.


Comprehensive and customised PPC and remarketing strategy with ongoing optimisation and campaign management.


In-depth keyword and competitor research to position the website with the most profitable and relevant keywords both in advertising and organic search.


Technical SEO and on-page optimisations to maximize website performance and improve keyword rankings.


Tactical building of high quality back links to increase site authority and search engine visibility for priority pages.


Tweaked conversion tracking to make sure that the right customer actions were getting tracked on the website.

Strategy & Execution

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