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increase in organic traffic YoY
increase in monthly non-branded traffic
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increase in overall keyword reach

The Challenge

Key Problems

Reliance on paid channels as top conversion path requiring a new multi-channel approach to increase organic traffic, revenue and results.
Backlink profile consisting of a high number of low-quality backlinks requiring a tactical shift to high-quality domain links from editorial sites with 80+ DR.
Needing informational and educational content onsite to increase visibility and connect with consumers
Needing to address key areas for improvement across their onsite and offsite SEO strategy to capitalise on non-branded ranking and traffic potential.

Oransi is a leading retailer of HEPA air purifiers for indoor use. Suitable for homes and families, the company started with a mission to achieve clean and fresh air quality at home safely and naturally. As the father of an asthmatic son, Oransi CEO Peter Mann understood the limitations and saw the opportunity to change the status quo by making a high-quality air purifier on the market that would improve health and wellbeing. As a result, Oransi has thrived as a sustainable business for over 15 years.

For years Oransi were acquiring customers through paid channels. Because they didn’t rank for them, they had to include broad, informational, and top of the funnel keywords like “best air purifiers for pollen” in their paid campaigns. Knowing the potential for organic enquiries to convert for these profitable terms, Oransi decided to focus on growing their monthly organic traffic. 

Understanding the impact that search and content marketing can have on a business, Oransi reached out to Online Marketing Gurus in March 2020, knowing they needed to improve their multi-channel strategy with a robust organic campaign. It is no secret that kickstarting an SEO campaign that delivers real ROI can be tricky. Luckily, the data enthusiasts at OMG were up for the challenge and set to work engineering a winning strategy that created quick wins, delivered medium growth opportunities and impacted long-term sustainable customer acquisition goals.

Strategy & Execution

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