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Increase in organic keywords
Growth in organic conversions
Growth in referring domains
Reduction in cost-per-click for PPC campaigns

The Challenge

Key Problems

Competitive dental industry made it challenging to rank for crucial keywords
Low website authority contributed to low rankings and organic traffic
Looking to increase website conversions and grow their practice
Quality Dental Case Study

Quality Dental is an independent and boutique dental surgery located in North Sydney. They’re on a mission to help all their patients optimize their oral health for life.

Their commitment to quality care and investing in the best technology sets them apart from the competition. However, their digital presence simply didn’t represent their authority in the space.

That’s why Quality Dental partnered with Online Marketing Gurus. Our expert team customised an SEO and PPC campaign geared to growing their online visibility in all the right ways. This included optimizing their website, building high quality backlinks and running hyper-targeted campaigns.

The results? 55% more traffic and 190% more conversions. Exactly the kind of digital impact that connects them more with more patients looking for the solutions they offer.

Our Approach

For 2+ years, Quality Dental has partnered with OMG on digital that delivers. This involved a comprehensive strategy that leveraged our SEO and PPC services. Through custom campaigns and ongoing optimisation, we delivered the results Quality Dental were looking for. More traffic, conversions and happy patients!


Onsite optimisation to boost website performance and visibility across search engines


Hyper-targeted PPC campaigns reaching ready-to-convert users


High quality link building to improve overall website authority

Strategy & Execution

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