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Growth in organic visits
Increase in organic transactions
Increase in organic revenue
Generated within 8 months

The Challenge

Key Problems

Low search engine visibility for the most profitable and relevant keywords.
Not enough organic traffic and conversions to support growth.
Looking to expand and establish a market-leading presence online.
Want to capture more customers for products, including USA, Japan, and NZ sim cards.
SimsDirect Case Study

SimsDirect has helped Aussies travel connected since 2018, through offering their comprehensive range of affordable, fast, and convenient sim cards. There are so many reasons why thousands of Aussie travellers trust their prepaid sim cards to keep them in the loop, wherever they go.

Shipping is quick and free, with a 100% money back guarantee. Their sim cards are affordable, offering enormous value for money. And there are never any hidden charges or roaming fees, since everything is prepaid. Best of all, there are options for adventurous travellers looking to visit nearly every dream destination out there — including Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

As SimsDirect grew, the team wanted to double down on the digital front — ensuring their online presence would attract and captivate thousands more Aussie travellers. That’s why they decided to partner with OMG on a hyper-targeted SEO campaign.

Their goals were simple. Grow their market share, increase website enquiries, and boost rankings for their core product offerings.

So we answered the call and after 8 months, the results are already AMAZING. And we’re just getting started! 504% more organic visitors, 1,590% more organic revenue, and double keywords ranking. See how they secured soaring growth with SEO that works.

Our Approach

Evidence-based SEO uses data every step of the way to drive results you can see, measure, and multiply. Success begins by getting to know the unique business, goals, customers, and market pressures of our client. Then we painstakingly customise an SEO strategy that’s tailored to achieve their version of success.


Comprehensive keyword, market, and customer research.


Technical SEO optimizes to ensure a high-performing website.


Onsite SEO and content strategy to boost rankings, traffic, and conversions.


Strategic link building to boost website authority, and thereby search engine visibility.

Strategy & Execution

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