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More leads within a year
More leads within two years
Increase in website traffic within 8 months

The Challenge

Key Problems

No online marketing strategy
Looking to expand in a competitive industry
Lack of leads was stalling business growth
Limited budget to work with
Universal Home Theatre Case Study

Universal Home Theatre offers a range of solutions to its clients. In addition to top-notch TVs, the company provides a range of data solutions. Based in Queensland for several years, the business reached a point where it was ready to expand to Sydney.

The challenge? The home sector theatre is a competitive space, even more so in Sydney. With no online marketing strategy in place, we dived in to set the foundation for serious wins.

Our Approach

This Queensland business was looking for big wins, going national. We focused on growing our partnership, through keeping them involved through the whole process. Our strategy was lazer-focused, featuring content that was simple, creative and to the point.


Improving on-page SEO with proven and actionable steps


Building the authority of the website with quality backlinks


Developing tailored landing pages for unique PPC campaigns

Strategy & Execution

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