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increase in organic conversions
increase in goal conversion rate
increase in non-branded clicks
increase in organic sessions

The Challenge

Key Problems

Thin content on category pages + content gap
FAQ Schema Markup & Google My Business (GMB) not optimized.
Slow site speed affecting Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
Unoptimised and missing/duplicate metadata elements

Woodward & Co is a boutique accounting firm offering advisory services for all types of businesses wanting to take it to the next level. Located in Clayfield, Queensland, they emphasize a high quality of service — prioritising prompt communication whilst meeting deadlines punctually. This helps achieve the best tax result along the way.

In May 2021, Woodward & Co reached out to Online Marketing Gurus wanting to increase their organic traffic and conversions. As such, the SEO Gurus conducted an integrated SEO strategy that involved a content refresh to help this firm achieve their organic goals.

Through our free introductory audit (worth $2,000), we were able to uncover areas of improvement and opportunities to capitalize on, that would help propel Woodward and Co’s organic rankings.

Our Approach

Whilst implementing an integrated SEO and content strategy, we focused our efforts to achieve tangible growth in key organic traffic and conversion goals. We targeted all the areas of content, links, and technical that Google prioritizes when it comes to bringing value to your target audience. With this in mind, our partnership towards superior organic rankings blossomed.


Reconstruction of existing pages and creation of new category pages


Optimising Title Tags, Metadata and H1 (header) tags


Revamping FAQ schema and GMB


Further configuration of goal tracking


Improving website speed

Strategy & Execution

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