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Growth in organic traffic
Increase in organic revenue
Increase in revenue from PPC campaigns
Keywords ranking in top 3 positions

The Challenge

Key Problems

Fierce competition in the fashion industry
Lagging behind competitors regarding search engine visibility
Looking to increase sales and grow in new areas
Rockmans Case Study

Rockmans is a fashion retailer that is part of the Noni B Group. With 85 years in the business and 300 stores, Rockmans has grown to become an iconic brand.

All of their clothing and accessories are affordable, stylish and high quality — featuring flattering silhouettes and fun prints. Best of all, Rockmans is committed to ethical fashion practices by following the ETI Base code.

Noni B Group partnered with OMG on high impact SEO to drive serious digital results. After 3 solid years of performance, their results are simply stunning. 50% growth in organic traffic, 100% increase in organic revenue, and an explosive 55:1 ROI across the whole campaign. And the results just keep getting better.

Our Approach

Noni B Group were ready for bigger and better results, so OMG delivered. Our customised SEO strategy ensured every website page was ranking and converting new customers.


Comprehensive customer research to steer effective keyword strategy


Full technical SEO to improve overall site structure and performance


Consistent optimisation of digital strategy to seek additional growth opportunities


Customised PPC campaigns to capture new customers

Strategy & Execution

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