Increase in organic conversions
Increase in total website conversions
Increase in organic conversion rate
More organic visitors

The Challenge

Key Problems

Big competitors dominating Google
Low search engine visibility
Not enough traffic and leads
Travel Company Case Study

The luxury travel company started from a simple love of island holidays in Tahiti. Everyone in the team regularly visits the island, so they know the area like the back of their hand. They specialise in offering you the ultimate holiday, customised to your interests and preferences. Nothing cookie-cutter, everything tailor made just for you!

Customers keep coming back for their “all-in-one” approach. The company handles all the heavy lifting to provide one simple holiday package (without any surprises) — so you can just enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

Since partnering with OMG on a custom SEO solution, The luxury travel company has made serious impact on search engines far and wide. Even after 3 years, the results as phenomenal. 97% more organic conversions and 79% increase in organic conversion rate. And it just keeps getting better.

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Our Approach

Every day, 100s of people look for new destinations on Google. Without enough search engine visibility, The travel company were missing out on crucial opportunity. That’s why SEO was OMG’s top priority. Our SEO consultants and digital strategists formulated a custom SEO strategy, engineered to deliver qualified, holiday-ready customers.


Comprehensive keyword research to map market demand


Onsite SEO to maximum website visibility for relevant and profitable keywords


Technical SEO for a high-performing website


Quality link building for boosting website authority

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