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What makes OMG the #1 SEO company in New York

We are a professional SEO agency in New York City with a proven track record of helping businesses succeed. We have some of the most talented SEO consultants around the world and our strategies don’t leave anything to chance.

If you’re searching for the answer to ‘how to get to position 1 in New York City’, then you’re probably already aware that SEO is complicated. You need to understand the technical foundations of a website, the type of content Google thinks your users need and then a good strategy for developing your off page SEO. Luckily, we know how to do all of that and we’ve been the SEO company New York City businesses have trusted for years.

We grow your organic website visitors
We grow your organic website visitors

The holy grail for business owners is a cheap and affordable marketing strategy. That isn’t a pipe dream, trust us. If you’re relying too heavily on paid channels to drive visitors, then it’s time to invest in a long term SEO strategy to make your website visible in New York City, without paying for clicks.
We can work with your paid channels to reduce your reliance on them, or we can turbocharge your overall SEM by working hand in hand and targeting people at every stage of the user journey.

We work with every type of business
We work with every type of business

If you’re a local business selling physical services or products, your New York SEO strategy should be locally focussed. We leverage Google Business Profile, search intent and local data to drive local SEO in New York.
Ecommerce and lead generation SEO require different approaches as you are likely to need to reach searchers at different stages of the user journey. Our New York SEO team delivers results for both kinds of businesses daily.

Our SEO team is consistently upskilling
Our SEO team is consistently upskilling

Effective SEO is impossible without an SEO expert. With the help of OMG’s team of genuine SEO consultants in New York City, you can implement these strategies and get results that last. Our New York SEO team is constantly developing their skill set to adapt to the latest Google Algorithm updates.

We work with great companies of all sizes

We work with great companies of all sizes and we've
helped big name brands grow even bigger

Our clients are our biggest asset

We don’t need to sell you on why or how we are the best SEO company in New York City (although while we have you here, we are). Over the years, we have helped hundreds of brands grow with our hyper-effective digital strategies. With years of SEO and marketing expertise, our results can speak for themselves.

It only takes a brief glance at the five-star reviews to discover how many clients have enjoyed the benefits of our work.

Clear expectations from the start
Want to know how long it’ll take to reach position 1 in New York City? Truth is, there’s no cut and dried answer. What do you want to rank for? How much do you have to spend? How competitive is your industry? Those are all questions that we use data to understand the answers to before we agree on a final strategy and performance KPIs. Everything is an open conversation with you.
We can be your digital team or work with your digital team
Our New York City SEO experts have worked with a whole range of businesses, who are all structured and involved in the process in different ways. If you have an in-house team already engaged in work, we can work alongside them! We deliver SEO training in New York City for business owners all the time, and can help you achieve growth and upskill your team along the way.
We can focus on SEO or SEM
Whether you want to run multiple channels through us, or you have other agencies running your paid campaigns, we find it best to view search as a whole. We can work alongside your other agencies, or if you choose to run multiple channels with us, that’s even easier. SEO services in New York City can be exponentially more effective when we are sitting next to our team mates in Paid and are able to optimize for success on both!
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