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The Seattle SEO pros at OMG use locally focused techniques and processes to create a targeted Seattle SEO strategy to grow your business’s online presence. Through expert link building and search engine optimization that focuses on potential customers in the Seattle area, we can help you take advantage of the millions of daily Google searches in America to increase conversions and bring profits right to you. 

OMG has had a significant presence in America since 2012, helping businesses of varying sizes optimize their technical SEO marketing in Seattle and hit their goals consistently. Successful Seattle SEO isn’t just about sprinkling in keywords and calling it a day. We ensure in-depth research is conducted to create a specially tailored strategy backed by evidence and industry-leading technology. We’re here to bring organic interactions to your site.


Our job isn’t something that stops once you reach the top ranking on Google in Seattle — we’re here to keep you there. Your investment is important to us, which is why we’ll deliver consistent results. 

By focusing on domain authority, analytics, and conversion-driven SEO in Seattle, we can help you achieve your long-term goals for sustained online visibility. Don’t fall for the short-term false solutions that some other agencies offer. OMG is a Seattle SEO company that cares about keeping you ahead of the competition!


The consistent increase in Google searches makes getting to the top harder than ever — and virtually impossible without professional help. This is even more difficult when you consider that you, as a business owner, need time to focus on what matters most: running your business. 

Our Seattle SEO consultants will make it their mission to track your customers’ journeys and learn how they interact with your brand or business to create an accurate plan for sustainable growth.


We know how daunting it can be to place your business’s online presence in the hands of a third party. At OMG, we carry this with us throughout the whole process. After all, your success is our success. To that, we work by constantly upholding one of our core values — share evidence, not opinion. 

You’ll have a dedicated Account Manager and Seattle SEO consultant assigned to you and your campaign to ensure you get the attention you deserve to rise to the top of Google’s rankings. We’ll keep you in the loop the entire time and share accurate information and data to give you an idea of predictions and results. You’ll know about every win, challenge, and success as they arise. We’re committed to keeping you on top.

We work with great companies of all sizes

We work with great companies of all sizes and we've
helped big name brands grow even bigger


With over 100,000 small businesses in Seattle, choosing a Seattle SEO agency that can keep up with the increasing demand for Google rankings can take time and effort. OMG is here to make sure no corners are cut to get you there and keep you there.

Local SEO in Seattle
If your focus is on a specific target audience in the Seattle region, we can work together to cultivate a strategy that leverages your expertise and place in the market for optimal results. This applies particularly well to restaurants, retail stores, cafes, bars, and physical services.
Link building in Seattle
Creating backlinks through hyperlinks from other websites is a great way to ensure you stand out to Google and drive traffic to your site. You won’t find another SEO company in Seattle that’s so focused on fostering carefully crafted backlinks — a different inexperienced agency can do permanent damage to your page with ineffective backlinking.
Content and keyword strategy
Not many Seattle SEO companies will take strategy this seriously. We’re dedicated to curating content that fosters customer engagement through effective keyword research and placement. After all, content is key!
Get there faster with Gurulytics
Innovative digital campaign reporting powered by OMG’s new tool. Gurulytics is our industry-leading app exclusive to clients.
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