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Texas SEO Services

Our expert SEO consultants in Texas can bring your site onto the first page of Google’s search results. Whether you’re in Austin or Houston, we help Texas-based business owners tap into the millions of daily searches in America, and increase their profits.

Since 2012, Online Marketing Gurus has made the web easier and more profitable for all Texas and United States businesses. We know the ins and outs of SEO in Texas — and it’s more than just sprinkling keywords onto a page. You need a team who is up to date with the latest tools, techniques and algorithm changes. We are proud to say, when you partner with OMG, you partner with some of the very best SEO consultants Texas has to offer.


We’ll show you how to rank first on Google in Texas, but our work doesn’t stop there. Our goal is for your investment to perform well right from the start and remain effective over time.

Data-driven, market-driven, and high-quality strategies are the hallmarks of our Texas SEO services. Beware of short term solutions offered by quick win Texas agencies. Our goal isn’t just to get you on Google’s front page — but to keep you there.


Texas is the second most populous state in the U.S.— and where there are more people, there is more competition. Reaching the top of search results can be a difficult endeavor, taking you away from what matters most: your business.

Our experts understand the Texas market. We understand how customers search for your business at every stage of the user journey, our Texas SEO strategies are built with long-term, sustainable results in mind.


We know how nerve-wracking it can be to place your trust in a third party. After all, your business is your pride and joy. At Online Marketing Gurus, one of our core values is to share evidence, not opinion. We’ll assign a dedicated Account Manager and Texas SEO Consultant who can keep you informed every step of the way — and for every potential opportunity after that.

We don’t just share wins (and trust us there will be a lot of them), we share challenges, opportunities and real expectations. That’s why we’re the SEO agency Texas businesses trust.

We work with great companies of all sizes

We work with great companies of all sizes and we've
helped big name brands grow even bigger


Texas is home to 3.1 million small businesses, making competition all the more fierce. Showcasing your business and being there when your customers search for it becomes even more important to stay at the top. With our SEO consultants in Texas, you will have a strategic plan to make your brand more visible on Google.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter tactics. Our Texas SEO agency carefully crafts a customized plan based on where you are in Texas and what your goals are. Whether you’re a new business that just started out or a well-established one with multiple franchises, we can help you scale and grow your business further.

Local SEO in Texas
Local SEO is a niche of SEO, which focuses on visibility in a particular area. This is great for cafes, restaurants, retail stores or physical services who might be looking to reach more customers in Texas. Our Texas based SEO team are local SEO experts and know the tiny details that need to be perfected when someone is searching for your business in Texas.
International SEO for large businesses in Texas
SEO isn't just for small businesses. As the leading SEO company in Texas, we have helped all kinds of businesses reach customers around the world. If you want to reach customers in another country, we have SEO experts in Texas who specialize in just that. Hreflang, x-default tags, country specific keyword research. Leave it to us.
A Texas SEO company you will love working with
As an SEO agency, our team is our biggest asset, and we boast a team that you’ll love to work with. We make SEO in Texas easy to understand and showcase results every step of the way — but we don’t stop there. Our expert team looks for opportunities in every nook and cranny, presenting them to you when you least expect them.
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