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Soar to the top of Google’s rankings with a San Francisco SEO company that gets real results

Looking to grow your business online? Or discover a whole new market? You’ve come to the right place. In today’s digital world, San Francisco businesses must be willing to harness new strategies and tactics to achieve online success. A tailored San Francisco SEO strategy can help your business drive organic traffic, generate high-quality leads, and increase sales. 

New to SEO in San Francisco? That’s where we come in. Online Marketing Gurus is a professional and highly skilled San Francisco SEO company helping businesses of all sizes and industries achieve online success. As your trusted San Francisco SEO consultant, we’ll explore all three pillars of SEO while considering your business goals.

Technical SEO
Technical SEO

When did you last visit a website that took minutes to load? Frustrating, isn’t it? Not only do users think it, but Google does too. Poor page speed, unclear XML sitemaps, and several 404 errors all impact your website’s Google rankings. Technical SEO in San Francisco is all about cleaning up and optimizing your site’s backend, ensuring Google can crawl it easier and that users have no trouble navigating it. 

Our highly skilled Gurus will pop the hood on your website and determine the areas where your technical SEO could be improved.

Local SEO
Local SEO

Known for its strong Cuban vibe, gorgeous beaches, and of course, the San Francisco Heat basketball team, San Francisco is bursting with culture. And whether you’re a budding food service business right on the beach or own a small retail store in the heart of the city, opportunities for new customers are around every corner. To get the attention you want, you need insider knowledge of what keywords and platforms people use to find businesses like yours. 

We have access to industry-leading tools and resources that can tell us what phrases, keywords, or questions relate to your product or service and put you at the heart of those searches. 

E-commerce SEO
E-commerce SEO

Did you know you’re marketing products and services to prospective customers daily? If that’s the case, you must make e-commerce SEO in San Francisco a part of your repertoire. From crafting product descriptions customers just can’t say no to and optimizing your collection pages, our Gurus will teach you how to show off your brand in the best, most optimized way — capturing the attention of high-quality leads.

Link building
Link building

Customer reviews are one thing, but having a well-known, high-ranking business linking to your site is another ballgame. Link building is a fine art our Gurus are highly specialized in. We’ll deeply dive into your backlinks, refine and analyze whether they are relevant to your business and contribute to your growth. As we said, we love to see businesses succeed.

We work with great companies of all sizes

We work with great companies of all sizes and we've
helped big name brands grow even bigger

Jaw-dropping results you have to see to believe — our favorite success stories

There’s a reason we call ourselves the best SEO company in San Francisco. We go above and beyond for every one of our clients, and we’d like to think the results speak for themselves. Check out some of our top OMG success stories! 

How we took Calvin Klein from drab to fab
Calvin Klein is one of the largest lifestyle brands in the world, offering premium wardrobe basics and essentials. But with more retail brands going online, keeping the iconic Calvin Klein brand alive and well in Australia steadily became out of reach. That was until Calvin Klein Australia scheduled a call with Online Marketing Gurus. By analyzing search console data, we identified untapped potential across multiple category pages and their competitors, including link-building and content opportunities. We also discovered several keyword opportunities to improve their current rankings and drive traffic to their website. The result? A massive 142% increase in organic revenue, a 52% increase in organic traffic, and a significant increase in domain authority from 9 to 52 — not bad at all.
We helped Hannan Tew Lawyers become keyword masters
Hannan Tew Lawyers is known for its diligent work in the immigration law space and is even recognized by Law Institute Victoria as an Accredited Specialist. However, their website content needed some work. Not only were there significant content optimization gaps on key category pages but canonical tags were missing, and some FAQ page schema markups were implemented incorrectly, failing to appear on SERPs. Our Gurus delivered an SEO strategy that focused on technical and content optimization, helping Hannan Tew Lawyers achieve the following: A whopping 324% increase in the top three keyword rankings A 66% increase in organic new users More than 200 average monthly conversions
Maximizing ROI for Flora and Fauna
If you’re interested in the vegan and sustainable lifestyle, you’re bound to have heard of Flora and Fauna. Flora and Fauna is a leading cruelty-free and vegan retailer, helping customers make more conscious choices. However, an oversaturated vegan market made it harder for the brand to outrank competitors. Our Gurus got to work with a comprehensive website audit and uncovered several optimization opportunities, from website content to strategic keyword implementation. Thanks to our efforts, Flora and Fauna experienced an incredible 310% increase in year-on-year traffic, a 270% increase in indexed keywords, and a rewarding 34:1 SEO ROI. Now that’s what we call results!


PPC services in San Francisco

Perfect the balance between instant and ongoing ROI by running a PPC campaign alongside your customized San Francisco SEO strategy. 

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Social services in San Francisco

Connect with new customers and improve your online presence with an effective social strategy. Whether you’re looking to appeal to the entirety of Florida or keep things local, we’ll help you stand out online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

Are you the cheapest SEO company in San Francisco?

Put simply? No. But let us explain why that’s actually a good thing. When it comes to SEO in San Francisco, cheaper is not always better. For too long, we’ve seen digital marketing agencies cut corners for their clients to save them a few bucks. The problem with this is that San Francisco SEO is not a quick fix. It’s a constantly evolving process; any shortcuts can jeopardize your overall performance. 

Good San Francisco SEO requires expertise, regular adjustments, and constant insights to keep businesses at the top of their game — something that doesn’t come cheap. It’s also worth mentioning that OMG also offers tailored San Francisco SEO strategies, which means prices for our San Francisco SEO services can vary. The SEO strategy you will get will be based on your goals, current challenges, and the complexities of your website. 

How does SEO in San Francisco work?

The length of your San Francisco SEO campaign will depend on your goals and current challenges. Once you come on board as an OMG client, the first month will be spent getting to know your business and what you want from SEO in San Francisco. Our Gurus will then deep dive into the data to determine the best way to achieve these results. For the following months, we will implement our San Francisco SEO services — all you need to do is enjoy the results!

Is using an SEO agency in San Francisco right for my business?

We’d like to think so! By working with an expert San Francisco SEO agency, you’ll have access to a wealth of San Francisco SEO expertise and knowledge you can utilize to grow your business. Our Gurus love what they do and make it their mission to stay on top of the latest trends and algorithm updates, ensuring our clients stay ahead of the curve. We also have access to industry-leading tools that we use to establish tailored San Francisco SEO strategies.

Do you just do San Francisco SEO?

No, we are a full-service digital marketing agency. We can help you build a full search strategy, ensuring you capitalize on instant paid results and long-term organic growth.   

Can your San Francisco SEO services help me discover international customers?

Absolutely! We’ve helped several US-based businesses reach customers all around the world. We truly are the experts in San Francisco SEO and have the resources to tap into keyword research for international markets and understand how people search for your products or services abroad. We’ll also implement a bulletproof technical SEO plan to make sure your website is optimized by your target county’s best practices.

Why is OMG the best SEO company in San Francisco?

As a leading digital marketing agency, one of our core values is to share evidence, not opinions. Unlike other agencies, we rely on real data and numbers instead of unsupported assumptions when we make recommendations or build out a San Francisco SEO campaign. Each member of our SEO team also has a unique background and a skillset they use to help every client succeed.

Can’t I build a San Francisco SEO strategy myself?

For sure! But you may not get the results you’re after. Getting to the top of Google isn’t easy and requires leading resources and tools that our Gurus use daily. San Francisco SEO can also be tricky to get your head around, especially if you’re new to the strategy. Our Gurus take the guesswork out of San Francisco SEO and will handle the details.

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