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Capture truckloads of customers and catapult to global dominance with internationally targeted SEO that skyrockets revenue. As the best-rated agency, we’re trusted by the fastest-growing companies to get real-world results.

Ready to go global? Turn rankings into revenue with international SEO.

Ready to make a worldwide splash? Good. We’re here to make it happen. Capture international audiences and convert clicks into sales with an International SEO campaign.

If you’re expanding your business to new international markets, you need exposure — and fast. That’s why the most successful global companies start with a dedicated and personalized SEO strategy that translates local, national and global rankings into real revenue. When you have a powerful SEO strategy tailored to a local market’s language and search trends, you’ll hit the ground running and skyrocket to the top of search. 

Whether you’re expanding into a new region or you’re already established, you need to work with the best-rated SEO agency to gain more momentum in search supercharge your sales. Our team of 100+ global Gurus know how to get your SEO strategy generating sales sooner rather than later in your target market. We’ll hook you up with an optimized site structure, localized content and link building. With local insights and experience working with thousands of international businesses, you’ll smash your sales goals and set your business up for long-term global growth.

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Being able to balance different markets and languages is challenging — but we get it done. Learn how we work with you to create an effective global SEO strategy that generates real revenue.
Boost visibility in new markets and grow your business faster.

If you need explosive sales growth across the world, International SEO is the most effective way to do it. It’s not enough to just build a new country website. Truth is: if you’re not coming up in Google searches, you don’t exist.

While SEO is SEO, international strategies are a different beast. It’s not about optimizing one site for one set of keywords. You need to know how to structure your site, and take advantage of content localization to build your online presence. So much to do, so little time. Take the legwork or guesswork out of your hands, and trust it to OMG.

We understand what it takes to compete at the global level. At OMG, we’ve got a proven track record of helping businesses launch new markets, as well as taking existing international businesses to the next level of growth. We start with a free Audit and Strategy Session to mine for the right opportunities, then engineer a customized strategy to help you hit your business goals faster. Plus, our Gurus will tick off all the technical things, from keyword research to Hreflang tags, canonical tags and localized content. Rise to the top of global Google searches faster, and watch sales skyrocket.

Global partnerships equals global revenue.

Nobody climbs Everest alone. That’s why OMG has partnered with leading platforms in the industry to make sure your business is reaching its full potential in ALL markets. With some help from our friends around the world, we know the ins-and-outs of your tech stack and work with it to deliver results. Our global Gurus have tight links with platforms such as Hubspot, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, AdRoll and more — and we use our knowledge and connections to give you an unfair advantage in every market. All of this translates to insane revenue results.

And on top of our Gurus nailing your SEO, PPC and social media advertising, we have relationships with all of the big hitters in web development, PR, CRO, and Content Marketing. Cover all your bases and prime your online presence to climb the rankings, drive leads and convert sales.

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Frequently asked questions

To help you make the most-informed decision, here are common questions customers ask us. More questions? Scroll down, fill out the form, and just ask.

Expanding into a new market, or running a company in multiple countries? Then you need international SEO. When you’re expanding your footprint, you need to start off on the right foot if you want to hit the ground running in every region. International SEO helps you do that.

International SEO is all about improving your business presence on Google’s search results in more than one country or language. You’ll capture clicks from your target country, win more revenue, and take over the world with your brand.

While it sounds straightforward to launch a website in a new country, a lot of speed bumps can come up along the way. It isn’t as easy as copying and pasting your website for a different country or hitting ‘Translate’ and using that content. Your content needs to be primed for that specific market to maximize conversions and bring in the bucks.

There are a lot of technical considerations that go into International SEO, as well as content considerations. You need to have the right language and targeting preferences, so Google knows which versions of a page to send your visitors to. You also need to localize your content for the language and market, and add in relevant keywords based on searches in that region (all without encountering duplicate content penalties). Lastly, you need to build up your website authority by creating link profiles in multiple languages.

International SEO is a delicate mix of technical SEO and inbound marketing. You need to get both right to skyrocket your rankings in multiple locations. We know it sounds tricky. That’s because it is. That’s why you need the best team on your side to help nail your International SEO.

At OMG, we’ve helped countless companies explore new frontiers and make their mark on the world. Our global SEO Gurus have the know-how and the experience to get your international sites off to a solid start, and snowball your sales.
International SEO helps you put all your eggs into one basket: your sales basket. With a well-crafted SEO strategy, all of your websites will work hard to blow up your sales around the world.

After you’ve diagnosed your business’ need for an international footprint and got the executive sign-off, you’re probably wondering: what next? An effective international SEO strategy hones in on a number of factors: localization, technical optimization and link building.

If you want to target a specific market, start by clearly listing your target countries and on the differences between these audiences. Consumers in the UK are different than those in Germany, and consumers in Chile have different shopping and searching preferences to those in Australia. Similarly, keywords with huge volumes in the US might get ZERO results in another country. You need to get as much intel as possible on the region you’re looking to compete in, before you hit the ground running. What are the region-specific retailers that are selling your or your competitor’s products? How are your potential customers searching for your products or services? What are people searching for? What are the industry SEO benchmarks and best practices? What websites are the most influential for link building?

Once you’ve got this, it’s time to get cracking. You need an international-friendly URL structure to specify your target countries and regions. There are many ways to organize your content, but we recommend one that utilizes country-specific subdirectories. For example, if your website is something like this: thisisyourwebsite.com, then a subdirectory for Australia would look like this: thisisyourwebsite.com/au. This structure is good because it allows you to use the existing authority of your main domain to boost the visibility of your international content as you expand into new areas.

Next, set up country targeting in Google Search Console, both for your main domain and each subdirectory. Hop onto Google Search Console and claim each domain and subfolder one at a time and specify which country you want to target. Also, don’t forget to implement Hreflang tags. These are small bits of code that act as language meta-tags to tell search engines which languages you are targeting on your website or pages.

Another important aspect of international SEO is content. To rank for specific international keywords, you need to create content in your target language on a regular basis. You also need to build links back to your website from trusted local websites, such as bloggers, popular local businesses or news publications. All of these bring traffic to your website, while shooting you up to the top of Google rankings. With more local traffic, you’ll supercharge your brand awareness and win more revenue.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we totally get it. Creating an international presence is tough, and it’s not something that happens overnight. It takes time, technical prowess and a ton of experience to knock it out of the park. Some of the changes required to your site will render big structural changes that are hard to undo. But when you get it right, it’s a cost-effective revenue generation machine for your business.

We are here to shine a spotlight on your brand on the global search engine stage. Our Gurus are on the ground in your market, so we’ve got the 411 on search trends around the world. Let us work on your technical SEO using Webmaster Tools, and deliver content marketing campaigns that power your global business strategy, and catapult your website to the top of search. OMG has grown thousands of businesses with the power of international SEO. Now it’s your turn. Get in front of global customers and skyrocket sales with International SEO.
Easy! Fill out the form below, and one of our Growth Gurus will be in touch to arrange a quick 30-minute strategy call to learn more about your brand and what your goals are. After that, we’ll shoot through a FREE Digital Audit that covers exactly where you’re nailing it, and where your online marketing needs fine-tuning. You’ll also get a six-month digital marketing strategy designed to generate real revenue.

Plus, we offer full transparency before you sign up for anything. There’s no catch and no fine print. Just campaigns that get results.
While SEO is SEO, there are a lot of differences between global SEO and local SEO. The main difference is that with global SEO, you’re targeting customers in different countries and languages — where as local SEO is concentrated in one suburb or city.

With international SEO, your net is wider and you have huge potential to tap into a large customer base. But this comes with the pitfalls of competing with other global companies. If you’re targeting an entire country or region, you’re going head-to-head with every other site on Earth that’s attempting to capture the same audience. Hello, competition. Meanwhile, local SEO is laser-focused on customers in one area, which means the audience pool is smaller but hyper-targeted and more likely to convert.

There are also different technical components to each. When you’re a global business, you often have multiple versions of your website to manage, often in different languages. You need to set everything up efficiently and optimize hundreds of pages of information to make sure your site is primed for rankings and revenue. Local SEO focuses on optimization for one business in one location with one website.

Ultimately, there’s more moving parts with international SEO vs local SEO. You’re targeting a huge potential audience, so you need to have a focused strategy to get the best results. It’s all about striking a fine balance between maximizing your reach and appearing first on search results for the most relevant keywords in that market. That’s where we’ve got you covered.

We’ll work with you to build the best strategy to reach your audience and convert visits into sales — no matter which market you’re targeting. With the help of our Gurus, sales will shoot through the roof and you’ll be on your way to global business domination.
It depends entirely on what your budget is and what your goals are. If you already have an established brand presence, your best bet is to have a main domain and then create subdirectories for each language you are targeting. This is the approach that most well-known brands use, including Apple and Nike. However, if there are massive differences in content, services, or products you offer between different languages, it’s worth exploring the option to create different websites with a different country code top-level domain (ccTLD). ccTLDs are URLs that contain two-letter codes that tell users and search engines which country a website is registered. They’re geo-targeted by default, which means that Google knows, without a doubt, that the domain is relevant to the country. Your visitors are funnelled to the right website, and can start their journey towards converting into customers.

But bear in mind: this approach requires a larger budget, because you need to create multiple websites and purchase multiple domain names. You need to be crystal clear on what the best strategy is, otherwise you’ll lose valuable time and money — instead of raking in the revenue.

Before you start panicking, don’t. It’s all good — we’ve got this. Our Gurus are well-versed in the ins-and-outs of SEO. We’ll work with you to find the best approach for your business. Then, just like renowned International SEO consultant Aleyda Solis, we’ll test, test and test again to make sure your SEO is working for your business. Scoop up more sales in every market and smash your revenue goals.

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