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Great reviews and confidence in your product or service are always nice to have in your pocket. But if you want to drive growth, you need a highly specific SEO plan customized for your unique business created by a Los Angeles SEO company that is known for its outstanding results. Online Marketing Gurus has the expertise and track record to rocket you to the top of Google search rankings. We use proven SEO strategies that unlock traffic and revenue opportunities you didn’t even know were possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup in the Valley or a 30-year veteran enterprise in Pasadena — OMG can help you find room for growth.

Understanding your industry
Understanding your industry

No two industries are rewarded for the same things on Google. We get to know your space and what content Google expects from your audience in LA. The in depth analysis our Los Angeles SEO experts do before implementation means that you’re geared up for success.

Getting to know your business
Getting to know your business

The fastest way to see results from SEO is to go for low hanging opportunities. We understand where your goals are and we identify the gap between that, and where you want to be. We are the SEO strategies Los Angeles businesses trust for fast results.

Positioning you for success
Positioning you for success

Our SEO experts utilize technical, on page and off page techniques together to ensure our LA based clients see unparalleled results. We set clear KPIs in line with what we know you can achieve – based on parts 1 and 2.

We work with great companies of all sizes

We work with great companies of all sizes and we've
helped big name brands grow even bigger

SEO for Los Angeles… and wherever you do business

We use a unique growth strategy for every business we partner with. You can’t expect the same plan to work equally well for an appliance repair store in Silver Lake and a multinational logistics company in Long Beach. That’s why we personalize our OMG SEO services in Los Angeles to suit the way you do business. It’s the only way to get the results you crave, whether you’re in California or around the world.

Website traffic jumpstarts growth
Even if your business relies on people coming into your store, 76% of consumers now Google search before visiting a physical location. In 2022, having a website that ranks well is a huge tool in your arsenal for growth. Don’t let your competition beat you to it. Hire an LA based SEO agency that can create visibility.
Google search results are the key
Do you rely on your brand name to drive traffic to your website? That’s great! You’ve already got brand awareness checked. But it’s dangerous. You stop investing in PR, someone new gets more popular and all of a sudden, your traffic is gone. Investing in an LA SEO strategy makes sure you get in front of people who didn’t even know they needed you.
The SEO agency Los Angeles businesses know and love
When it comes to SEO, our Los Angeles team is some of the best. Client lunches or SEO strategies over a game, (regardless of whether you’re a Dodgers or an Angels fan)? Your choice! You need an SEO team that gets you to page 1 first and foremost, but an SEO team that you enjoy working with makes everything a lot easier. We can work with you however you like!
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Innovative digital campaign reporting powered by OMG’s new tool. Gurulytics is our industry-leading app exclusive to clients.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions we hear day to day.

Are you the cheapest SEO consultant in Los Angeles?

No, we’re not the cheapest (and probably not the most expensive either), but you shouldn’t shop for a Los Angeles SEO company based on price. Instead, look at results and experience. OMG has been helping businesses achieve their dreams for more than 10 years, hence our stellar reviews and many repeat customers.

What can we expect to pay to hire a Los Angeles SEO company?

We can’t quote you a rate until we complete our audit of your business. We don’t use preset rates because each company we partner with is unique in its own way. Once you see how much website traffic and sales conversions you could have, you can make a decision about the value OMG brings to the table.

Shouldn’t we just do our own SEO? After all, we know our company best.

You know your body best too, but you still go to the doctor when you’re ill. That’s because you want a specialist when you’re looking for the best possible outcome. Think of Los Angeles SEO services as an investment in your business that will have a high ROI. You can sit back and enjoy having more free time, or you can use your time to grow your business in other ways.

Is SEO all Online Marketing Gurus do?

Actually, we run a full-service marketing agency and can also assist you with social media, advertising, and other needs. The more comprehensive your approach to crushing the market, the bigger results you’ll see!

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